The Main Types Of Belt Women, Modernizing The Look Accessories

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The belt is an ally of the woman for some time. Its function varies, from utilities to “hold the pants” for acts of the most feminine women examine abandoned his waist. This is an accessory that won’t go out of style, and with a variety of models, making sense of it all.

The Main Types Of Belts Women

  • Thin belt: this is a belt of the most subtle, romantic and perfect for women who identify with women like the style. They are great for marking the waist without creating volumes. Thin belts are ideal for women who have hourglass body shape or triangular.
  • The width of Belt: to use this belt, you should be very careful. Depending on your body type and how it is used, can create excessive volume in the breast. Prefer to wear them with pants and shorts.
  • Gold metal Belt: it wasn’t long ago that the metal belt came, but she has won the women’s preferences. It’s good to leave a more modern look and also chicer. Goes well for all styles and, when used in the waist, determine the silhouette.
  • Leopard belt: a belt Leopard is ideal for women who want to get out of the ordinary it is. It can convert all visual, even the most basic, super modern. Be careful when she came across a print maxi, this can improve the region in which it is used.
  • Smooth belt buckle with: this is a classic in women’s wardrobes. The belt buckle is ideal for use in hip, with pieces of jeans or dowel. Transforms the pants the most basic blouse jeans in a more sophisticated look.

The Appearance Of Using His Belt

Tips consultants created five appearances using a belt with the main parts of a woman’s wardrobe. Check:

1. Belt Dress

This is one woman’s combination, belt marking the waist making the visual ultrarromântico. Use with wide or Flared dress, never combine with ruffles or dresses with lots of volumes.

2. Belt with Jeans

display of the current proposal is far below the belt buckle to use. Flare jeans, basic and colorful shirts scarpin. Take care not to overstate it only loads and other accessories. When you want to use a very flashy belt buckle, along with colorful shoe outfits in neutral colors.

3. Belt with Cardigan

Use the belt over the Cardigan is a great way to let your waist marked even when wearing a coat. These tips are also applicable to the Blazers. Select a small belt and preferably colorful, it helps to create a silhouette of well defined and elongated.

4. Belt with Shorts

Do you want to go out with the appearance of the strip? Combine the belt without the details of shorts and a t-shirt.

5. Belt with Skirt

Another way to use a belt is to skirt. When high waists template, use the belt to waist marking even more. Prefer skirts flared who appreciate the silhouette. Also be careful with the proportions. Although the belt width is high, they can create an excessive display.