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Serola Sacroiliac belt is featured in Golf Digest as one of the “golf fitness the best stuff from the PGA event stuff.” Check out the whole article here and see what the folks at Golf Digest had to say about the belts. Now the Serola belt and golf is being used to provide pain relief and help prevent injury to thousands of new people every day around the world.

Serola Biomechanics, Inc. was the result of research conducted by Dr. Rick Serola, a chiropractor. In 1988, after realizing that the increased muscle strength throughout the body after sacroiliac stabilization, he began research into the underlying biomechanics. As a result, he found the need for products that are not on the market, so he developed them himself. See Serola SI belt and golf here.

Serola Belt and Golf

Serola belt acted like the external ligaments and help support the ligaments SIJ excess against the power, after the injury, and as a precaution. Unlike a belt or weight lifting belt is worn around the waist high over the abdominal muscles, low wear Serola belt around your hips for supporting ligaments SIJ.

Thus, the belted waist limits the motion, especially at the end of the swing, interfering with the power flowing and follow up, whereas the Serola belts, correctly placed on the hip, allowing free movement throughout the full range of motion. Serola belts do not cause muscle weakness or atrophy such as belts or weight lifting belts.

Serola belts can be used as many times as necessary, even 24/7, without causing muscle weakness or atrophy. Instead, various studies have shown that long-term continuous wear of the belt or belt heavy lifting is not recommended because the abdominal muscles gradually weaken over time.