How to Choose the Right Belt With Suit

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If perfection is in the details, you wear a belt with suit your settings is important for your overall look as the pattern of the fabric of Your suit or shoes that you choose. However, a belt is often reduced for that leather strap meant to hold your pants.

In this short primer, we’ll explore the basics of men’s belt in the context settings, answer some of the most common questions including the purpose of belts, how to properly wear a belt and how to distinguish the quality of the leather belt You.

Should You Wear a Belt with Suit?

If you ask this question to a man who was a bit older, in my experience, they will always say Yes. The belt is the key accessory for those when composing the customized clothing. But the question asked is if you really need a belt at all. Today there is less trust of men wearing belts as fashion seems to dictate that it is not necessary.

From the perspective of styling, if a man wearing button down cardigan vest or never make it. So by wearing a belt, the buckle will be sitting in the sweet slit open and help button on and clothes together.

The argument against wearing the belt normally is that many people between the holes and because of the good belt too tight or too loose. If you find a local tailor or dry cleaners then they should have a new tool to punch holes to solve this problem.

Choose Belt With Suit

Matching a Belt to Your Outfit

So how do you match your belt to your clothes fit? Is simple and straightforward: simply match the color and finish of your shoes with your belt. For example, a pair of black oxfords will call to black belt. A pair of Brown wing tips? Yup, you got it … a Brown belt. This is a very simple rule. Break and risk other people think that you are a college or internship that you still live with your mom.

Belt With Suit Sizing

If your pants fit correctly, want to wear the belt just because of you like the look or used to have one. After all, when we see a belt loop, we naturally want to put the belt on them. So knowing the right size belt you are the obvious next step. To get the right size, simply take the size of the waist off-the-rack your pants and go one size larger. For example, if you wear pants with a 34 waist, you should wear a size 36 belt. The Belt part has 5 holes and when tried on the belt, a good rule of thumb is that the third hole (or middle) should be the one that should be used. And if you have a few belts at or near which is a little too large, you can always shorten it.

The style has evolved so that people don’t have to have the formality belt, tie, and jacket are all being used at the same time.