Belt For Dress Blues Marine Corps Uniform

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Marine Corps Martial Arts Programs aka MCMAP is a martial arts developed by the Marines at the US Navy Marine. that does its job as the front Guard U.s. Navy forces. starting around the year 2001. The purpose of the MCMAP was to forge one’s mental, character, and form a cooperation team. In this uniform has an important role. In the uniform, the belt has its own function. Belt for dress blues is Marine Corps uniform belts.

The elaborate uniforms of the Marine Corps, “dress blues,” represent the image of the marine worldview and is used in most of the recruiting ads. The most common belt for dress blues uniform, there are special regulations for the taking. This means that a marine must collect any part of the uniform to meet certain standards. Most obviously, the uniform consists of a long sleeve lining, shirt, pants, a barracks cover, socks, and shoes.

Belt For Dress Blues

The belt for the uniform, however, came in the form of kits and require a specific assembly process. Take one of the keepers, loop metal oval, and slide about 6 inches to the right side of the web belt. Fold belt piece towards the left. This will fold in the belt when worn, and these will form part of the buckle end of the belt. Take the buckle and pass through the other side of the belt buckle loop, with buckles on the outside of the belt.

Slide the folded part of the webbing through the buckle and continue walking along the belt buckle until you reach the end where the guard a seat. Pull the buckles tight against the rangers to keep all the parts in place. Take the D-ring, which form a belt clip, and run the free end of the belt through the loop a ring of about 8 inches. Big D rings should be outside of the belt.

Take the second keeper and slide the free end of the belt through it. Fold the second guard belt so that the belt end just short of D-ring, with the material is folded into the belt when worn. Boost D-ring over the area folded and pulled it tightly against the two guards at the ends of the belt. Fold a small buckle is located on the edge of the D-ring against the guards to secure the clip belt D-ring is in place.

Marine Corps Dress Blues Belt

Enlisted Marines wear a white belt with metal Fittings, web on the webbing, for use with metal buckle and clip is held in place by a metal guard ring. Buckle varies according to the wearer’s rank. Non-registered NCO’s wearing a plain buckle. The subordinate wears a buckle with the Eagle, Globe, and anchor.

The subordinate staff wears the buckle with the EGA and leaves. Marine officers belt fit blue dress uniform blouse, without large metal buckle. The belt has specific functions that cannot be performed by other components. With a belt, of course, the appearance will be more complete.